2021 Ticket Issue Letter

To all our valued raffle participants –
There was an unfortunate mistake made which affected a small number of our ticket holders. As we were cleaning the fire station after this year’s raffle, it was discovered that there was an envelope containing raffle tickets that had been misplaced, and those tickets did not make it into the raffle cage.
Over the next few weeks we will be contacting all participants whose tickets were in this envelope. To make amends to the affected ticket holders, we will be issuing them tickets to next year’s raffle as soon as the tickets are printed. Those tickets will naturally be included in the early bird drawing. As well, at the beginning of next year’s raffle, these affected ticket holders will have their own drawing for two $500 cash prizes.
We are very sorry for this inadvertent mistake. We are reviewing our procedures concerning this to ensure a mistake such as this doesn’t happen again. We realize the affect this announcement may have, but being forthright and reconciling this with the affected ticket holders is the best and right thing to do. Thank you for your understanding and support.
Ryan S. Buie
AVFD President